Phone Call Assessment

Finding the right therapist for your needs can feel a bit daunting.

I get that. I am invested in making sure that you have that gut feeling that I am therapist you need at this moment in your life. If you are interested in getting started with therapy, please reach out and I will set up a time for us to connect with you to see if my practice and approach is a good fit.


I am sure you will have some questions for me and welcome them, and I will also ask a few basic assessment questions to evaluate whether my practice is a good fit for your needs, such as:

Annie robershaw

(760) 314-4644

  • What are your needs, hopes and goals for therapy?

  • Have you been to therapy before? How was it?

  • Do my office hours match up with your schedule?

Thank you for reaching out, Anne will respond to you directly at her earliest convenience.