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Online scheduling for EMDR therapy intensives with Annie Robershaw, LMFT
How can I support you?

If you are ready to start your healing journey with an EMDR therapy intensive, the following steps will get us started:


Review FAQs

Please be sure to review the following pages for frequently asked questions about my services, approach, fees and policies


Review Goodness of Fit

Please review my Goodness of Fit below to explore if my services are a good fit for your current needs.

You can learn more about me, my training, experience, and do a vibe check here.


Request a Consultation

If you have reviewed the FAQs and Goodness of Fit and you are ready to move forward, welcome!

I am honored to meet you here along your journey, with support and care.

I offer a 45 minute video telehealth consultation 

through my client portal where you can get a sense of who I am, how I work,

and get a feel for doing therapy online. 





If one or both of us decide it's not a good fit, I will provide referrals and resources at your request.


When you request a consultation, I will respond with a brief questionnaire

through the client portal to help me prepare for our time together.

Please be sure to fill that out within 24 hours to save your spot. 

Cost: $125

During our meeting:

  • We will discuss your needs, goals and how I can help

  • We will explore if Intensive EMDR therapy is a good fit for you at this time

  • If we decide we are a good fit we will get started with scheduling and next steps

Please note:

While I am happy to meet with you for a new client consultation,

my next availability for new therapy clients is August 2024

I keep a waitlist in the event I have an opening sooner.

If your need is more urgent, check out my blog post with tips for therapy referrals or go to to find another therapist in your area. 

If you are a returning client seeking a follow up intensive or a EMDR clinician seeking consultation, please click the button below to schedule.

Are you a clinician looking for consultation? You can learn more here or schedule a session with me here

goodness of fit

Goodnessof Fit

While you may not be feeling much like yourself at the moment, if during less difficult times you typically feel like the following characteristics describe you, then rest assured, we will likely be a good fit. 


we will likely
be a good fit IF:

There are many types of therapies with different theories and approaches, as well as therapists with various personalities, perspectives and styles. You deserve to find someone that is a good match for your current needs and where you are along your journey.

We will likely
not be a good fit if:
  • You are ready to move through some difficult emotions and experiences to release, integrate and heal

  • You are bright, warm, intuitive, and kind 

  • You are motivated, curious and open to new learning

  • You consider yourself responsible for your life, choices and healing journey

  • You have a sense of humor and enjoy a good laugh

  • You are down-to-earth, open and willing

  • You are seeking brief, targeted, accelerated therapy and you already have some clarity on your needs and goals 

  • You will be located in California or Washington State at the time of service

  • You are open to virtual therapy via video on my secure client portal

  • You have a current therapist, or you are willing to establish care with a primary therapist if your needs for treatment are beyond the scope of our work together

  • You are open to change

  • You are under 18-years-old 

  • You are actively suicidal or self-harming

  • You are currently engaged with significant substance use

  • You are seeking longer-term, 1 hour a week talk therapy

  • you are looking for an “in network” therapist who participates with your insurance company

  • You are or will be involved in a lawsuit in relationship to what you are seeking treatment for

  • You are not prepared to prioritize time for sessions, self-care, reflection, rest and integration, before and after therapy

  • You are currently located outside the states of Washington and California

  • You are seeking in-person therapy and are not open to virtual therapy

  • You are not open to mindfulness or practicing new exercises for grounding outside of session time

  • You are not interested in change


Please call 911 for immediate assistance, or if you are in San Diego County, call the Access and Crisis Line at (888) 724-7240.

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