EMDR Therapy for
Grief & Loss

Move through your pain,
become empowered,
and live the life you desire.

Loss hurts. All loss.


A person can experience grief for many reasons. You may grieve the loss of a loved one (be it through death, illness, divorce, a break-up, or estrangement). You may grieve the loss of a pet, a friend, a business partner or opportunity. You may grieve a job or community you left that provided stability, a sense of identity, and fulfillment. 

You can even grieve cherished places you left, objects that mattered to you, or your own identity and abilities that may have changed over time.


Whatever kind of loss you’re experiencing, when you’re grieving, everything in your life can be affected: your work suffers, you lose connection to other people, you don’t sleep or eat well, and you struggle to catch your breath. Some days, you may not even be able to get out of bed. 


What's worse is, when we grieve, our support system often dwindles. People who we thought were always there for us, suddenly go silent. People disappear. People are suddenly always “busy.” And the ones who stay may want to help but don’t know how…

So, you feel alone.


But we want you to know, you are not alone. And your loss and your grieving are valid and true. No pain or loss that you’re feeling is “wrong” or “not important enough.” Your feelings matter and you matter. You’re allowed to feel your grief and express it. In fact, you should! (And with us, you can.)


But being in pain and upset isn’t a great way to live.

You miss out on life’s joyous and beautiful moments, life’s opportunities, possibilities, and adventures. And you know what? It’s time you get to feel that! You deserve to feel better – now!

EMDR therapy can help you
ease your pain.

EMDR therapy is a healing accelerator. Like short bursts of intensive healing!

EMDR therapy can break the cycle of being stuck in pain (fresh or old pain). EMDR can help you move from feeling helpless, hopeless, numb, and exhausted to feeling hopeful, lighter, empowered, and less burdened. 

Here’s what one of our EMDR clients said:

“Annie helped me process a sudden loss and trauma using EMDR therapy.

I have never been to any type of therapy and when I [first met her], my head was low with grief and sadness. […]

By the end of our first session, I felt lighter, I felt more myself. My posture changed in a matter of hours.

The best way for me to explain it is I felt like I was coming home to the best version of myself.

I could see joy and love and gratitude despite my circumstances.

I would recommend Annie to anyone who wants to remove the roadblocks and live a better life.”

-L.C. (Google Review)

With EMDR therapy, you can:

  • Feel lighter and less “burdened” after just a few sessions – not months! (Most people can feel noticeable relief after the first few sessions). 

  • Release painful memories, emotions, or thought and behavior patterns that have been holding you back.

  • Move on to living a fulfilling and joyful life with purpose, connection, and clarity.

  • Feel your wounds (past, present, or lingering) finally HEAL! (Stop the endless seeping.)

  • Learn to trust yourself and your emotions. Stop doubting yourself and believe in yourself and your abilities, strength, and worth.

  • Feel authentic to who you are at your core, and like yourself, too!

  • Release upsetting sensations, triggers, and beliefs that burden or overwhelm you.

  • Feel a sense of freedom and light, and find purpose, connection, and meaning in life. 

Let yourself heal and find the freedom you deserve. Reach out today for a free consultation.