Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

individual psychotherapy Sessions 

Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours, at least once a week. We also provide half day or whole day EMDR Intensives. 


In our first sessions, we will be getting to know each other, while we do a detailed assessment and gather pertinent history and evaluation of your presenting issues for treatment.


Together, we will set treatment goals and a plan to meet these goals. You will play a pivotal role in this process, and we will assess your progress together, as we go, to be sure we are on the right track and meeting your needs.

Clients meet with us at least once a week until their treatment goals have been met. At that time, we will discuss whether you would like to continue treatment and establish new goals, slowly taper session frequency down, or move into the process of concluding treatment. This is an exciting time, when we have an opportunity to reflect on your progress and celebrate it!


Established clients that have completed treatment, will at times return for a session, or more, as needed. When this occurs, we often are able to catch up relatively quickly, assess for need and move directly back in to treatment to meet new established goals.


If you have experienced a loss or a disturbing event that is causing significant disruption to your ability to participate in your normal daily activities and relationships, I recommend that we discuss intensive early intervention, to help get you back to your life.


For more information on EMDR Intensives, click the button below.

At this time, we have limited evening sessions that fill up fast. We hope to expand our evening availability in 2021.  


Weekend availability is periodically reserved for EMDR Intensives and EMDR Group Therapy.


If you are in need of a regular weekend session times, or we will be happy to provide you referrals to other local therapists.

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Evenings & Weekends