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Courageous Copywriting for Clinicians with Arianna Smith

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Who among us dreads creating or updating your website copy? Me, for sure!

Imagine what it would be like to get call after call from clients thrilled to work with you?

What if you knew how to write copy that actually sounded like you and reflected your unique therapeutic approach?

If that sounds fabulous (and I hope it does), you’ll want to check out Arianna Smith’s signature program Courageous Copywriting for Clinicians, starting Oct 24th.

How to know if this is for you?

You’re ready to uplevel your practice or share a new offering, but don’t know what to write to captivate your ideal client.

You’ve been told that your copy doesn’t reflect your vibrant, fun-loving personality. (And you agree.)

You spend hours writing, then rewriting, the same damn page and it still doesn’t feel like you.

You’re craving a small, intimate cohort of therapists dedicated to showing up unapologetically themselves in their copy.

You want to play bigger, serve more people, and serve the right people – and need a clear message to make that happen.

Registration is open for therapists ready to uplevel their copy, attract full fee clients, and write words that finally feel like them.

Learn all about it here!

If you’re even just a tiny bit curious, I encourage you to join this round. I have had the honor of witnessing Ari's brilliant skills and magic over the last year on a regular basis. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is not only a wordsmith genius, but she is also a therapist. She gets it and she makes it fun and exciting! Something I thought was impossible when it comes to copy.

Authentic copy helps the people who need you most find you.

Ari's doors close once the program fills (she only offers 8 spots) and she won’t be offering it again in 2023. If you have been thinking about getting copy support, I would jump on this opportunity. Check it out here →

In Solidarity,



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