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Welcoming Jenessa Goodman, MA, AMFT to the PRACTICE

Earlier this year, I realized the time had come to consider expanding my practice and hire a clinician to join me. While the thought of this was at once exciting, it was also nerve-wracking. My practice has become an extension of me, and one I take extra-special care of and great pride in. It felt very vulnerable to bring in someone new to my sacred space.

As I began to consider and write down the qualities and skill sets I would desire for my dream team candidate, I realized the description sounded like a magical unicorn. It caused me to pause and wonder whether this was too unrealistic and vulnerable of a step to take. Under good advisement and encouragement from a sister-friend, I decided to start my search for this magical unicorn and trust. I am thrilled to say this was GREAT advice!

It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce Jenessa Goodman to all of you and to my practice!

It has been one incredible month since she joined the practice, and she has already exceeded my hopes and manifestations. She brings cutting edge training from her Master’s program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, as well as training in EMDR and DreamTending, along with countless skills and gifts. Beyond this, she is remarkably wise, insightful, and a kind human with a great sense of humor. She is an absolute joy to be around.

Jenessa is a Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist with the state of CA. With my supervision and consultation, Jenessa is now seeing clients for both psychotherapy and neurofeedback sessions. She is also the new lead for our social media content on both Instagram and Facebook. Please be sure to pop over to our instagram account @therapyinsession and say hello to her.

Welcome, Jenessa! May you and the clients you serve thrive here.


Hello! I’m Jenessa.

Jenessa Goodman, MA, AMFT (Photo by Kimberly Elyse Photography)

I am so excited to introduce myself as the newest member of Annie’s practice! It is thrilling to be part of such a special place. In the same way that Annie was searching for a “unicorn” of a clinician, I was searching for a practice that would be the right fit for me. It had begun to feel like I was looking for a unicorn myself! I wanted to work someplace where I could feel supported and mentored by someone I deeply respect and admire, but also be empowered to bring my own unique skills and knowledge to the table. I am profoundly grateful to be here at Therapy In Session.

My background is a bit non-traditional for a psychotherapist, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a clinician it’s that there seems to be a kind of magic in offering yourself with great authenticity: you tend to connect with the clients who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. That said, holistic healing practices have been interwoven in my life from a very young age. I started meditating regularly at age five, and began learning shamanic practices and becoming certified in first and second degree Reiki by age 15.

Art is one of my biggest passions in life, and I find that the healing and transformation I have undergone through creative practice deeply informs my work as a psychotherapist. In fact, the reason I decided to return to school and get my Master’s in Counseling Psychology is because I had been leading art/creativity groups and I saw how meaningful the work was – rich, dynamic, and so much more than simply learning art techniques. Additionally, I am trained in the art of DreamTending, which is an affirming and holistic (rather than interpretive or analytical) method of working with dreams. After receiving several very powerful EMDR treatments with my own therapist, I decided to get trained in EMDR, as well.

Did I mention that I’m also a neuroscience geek? I love EMDR because it works with the way our brains naturally store feelings and emotional data. It’s a wonderful technique that incorporates the art of psychotherapy with brain science. And, speaking of brain science, I am so excited to offer NeurOptimal® neurofeedback sessions in our office. It’s a powerfully supportive treatment to use in conjunction with EMDR therapy. NeurOptimal® is also great if you simply want to reduce stress and anxiety so your brain-body organism can function optimally, I highly recommend it. Check out our neurofeedback page for more information.

In sessions, I offer a compassionate space and unconditional positive regard. My goal is to work collaboratively with each client and be a consistent support as you heal and grow. I welcome a wide variety of spiritual, multicultural, LGBTQIA+ perspectives. Whether you are in the throws of radical life transformation or just need some extra support, I would be honored to meet you right where you are. I am passionate about recovering from adversity and living life with more joy, vitality, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

“Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in.”

-Leonard Cohen

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