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Are you a clinician who thinks that one of your Clients may benefit from EMDR therapy?

As specialists in EMDR therapy, we invite you to partner with us in providing “adjunct EMDR therapy” to provide collaborative, effective treatment for your clients in need of trauma care. 


There are times in therapy you and your client may find you are at an impasse, after making good progress together. We have all been there. You may know or sense that your client has early experiences, trauma, or negative self-beliefs that are blocking their progress and ability to achieve their goals in life and therapy. 


It may also be during the course of treatment when your client experiences a traumatic event or loss and is in need of early intervention EMDR therapy. 


In these situations, it can be disruptive and disheartening to your client to refer them out to a new therapist for specialized care, after they have invested in establishing a powerful and supportive relationship with you. 


If your client is experiencing the pain and disorientation of a recent trauma, it can be destabilizing to lose the security and stability of a trusted and established therapeutic relationship. This is why we advocate for collaborative care with Adjunct EMDR therapy. 


In providing Adjunct EMDR therapy, we advocate for the primary therapy relationship and often access it as a resource for clients during the course of their therapy intensive. We will schedule brief, EMDR intensives in coordination with you and your client to provide the trauma processing they need, in conjunction with your established care. We find this level of coordination in care to be a powerful resource to clients and they often return to their regular therapy with renewed energy for the process.


In the event of a recent traumatic event, EMDR trauma intensives are typically done over 1-3 weeks to support your client in resuming their prior level of functioning and our services typically end there. When providing care for more foundational or historical trauma, we typically schedule clients for 1-3 full-day intensives, and allow time for integration under your care. We then follow up with you and your client to see how post-intensive integration and care is progressing. We will schedule additional sessions as needed, at a pace that feels manageable and appropriate for your client’s needs. Customization of therapy intensives are coordinated with the client and primary therapist. 


In addition to providing additional resources for your client, we will be available to support the coordination of care, answering questions and providing insights as needed and in service of your relationship with the client and their ongoing treatment goals with you. 


We are here to support you and your clients with coordinated, compassionate care. Together we can do more!


If you or a client are interested in partnering together for care, or would like to begin to explore options, contact me today.

Supplemental EMDR Therapy supports Clients experiencing

  • Grief and Loss
  • Traumatic Loss
  • Recent Traumatic Events
  • Relational Trauma
  • Early Childhood Trauma
  • Sexual Assault
  • Divorce or Break Up
  • Infertility, Miscarriage, or other Women’s Health Issues
  • Little ‘t’ trauma 
  • Community trauma
  • Racial trauma
  • Medical trauma

For more information about MY EMDR Therapy services go here

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