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Hi, I’m Annie! I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), a Certified EMDR Therapist and an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. At the core: I’m a sensitive nerd with passion and a deep desire to help. 


We all carry trauma with us, myself included. I understand the courage it takes to be vulnerable and seek out help because I’ve been there too. 


Like most of us, my own story includes pain, loss, and heartache. I’ve dealt with negative beliefs that kept me stuck or got in the way of my moving forward. I have lost people I love, had my heart broken, and had my identity shattered. Throughout my journey I have loved big, taken big risks, as well as found myself lost in utter confusion and grieved until I was hollow. 

When life tore me down, I often struggled to find the will to get back up and rebuild my life again. But when I gathered up the courage to face my fears and the challenges presented to me; each time, I have found unexpected beauty in and around my life, encountered profound opportunities, and had serendipitous

Annie Robershaw, LMFT Certified EMDR Therapist and Approved Consultant with EMDRIA

ANNiE Robershaw, MA, LMFT

and meaningful relationships emerge. And, each time, I found a little more clarity for my path forward, often a path more powerful and more rewarding than I could have ever imagined before.


Therapy has profoundly supported my journey and guided me when I felt lost. It seems so often that out of our greatest suffering emerge opportunities for our greatest possibilities. And, while we would never wish the pain we’ve experienced on others (let alone ourselves), in retrospect we find we no longer wish to change what happened, because it has helped shape all that we are today. If you aren’t here yet, I would love to help you find your way.  

The last few years, like most of us, have deeply tested me – professionally as well as personally. All the turmoil, crises, and pain many of us experienced both collectively and individually, had me looking at everything with a clarifying perspective about what really matters in this life, and it created a burning desire to seek out new ways to focus on it.


Two things I’ve learned are:


1) It’s okay to say “NO!” Do it as often and whenever or wherever it feels right. It’s also OK to change your mind. You can say, “This no longer works for me,” and look for experiences and relationships that do. You can go out there and find your place, your people, and find what lights YOU up! 


2) Life is about connection and purpose. In the last moments of your life, imagine what life you would have wanted to have lived and with whom? What do you wish you had focused on, and what things you had let go of easier? Your attention and energy today get pulled in so many different directions, all day long… rather than treating your energy as a commodity – fuel it, nourish, and protect it like the precious resource it is! Come back to your center, get clear about what matters most to you, focus on that, and cut the rest. 


We’re all human, and we all go through shit. Some of it may be worse than others, but it affects us all. But no matter how hard life gets, when you open yourself up to healing and growth, that investment can pay you back in beautiful dividends! Life has a way of rewarding you for showing up, being courageous, and being vulnerable. To start your healing journey, all you need is to show up for yourself. Simply trying can make all the difference.


“I believe in the power of healing. I have witnessed time and again that on the other side of trauma and pain, through the vulnerable work of healing, life can surprise you by being even better and more magical than you ever imagined – not in spite of what happened, but because of it and your courageous steps to heal.”

- Annie Robershaw

What’s it like working with me?


I’ve been a complex grief counselor and trauma-focused therapist since 2012. I’ve been specializing in EMDR therapy since 2013 (you can read my entire academic credentials below if you’re inclined to!), so I bring a lot of experience and psychological insights to my sessions. 


I’ve been described as an intuitive, deeply feeling, loving, quirky person, with a sister/mama bear energy (protective and nurturing). I bring a big heart and sensitive soul to my sessions, with lots of care and empathy, but strength and courage to address what needs to be seen or challenged. (I’m also an ENFJ – 50/50 on the Extrovert/Introvert scale, so I also have some strong INFJ qualities). In my sessions, we will be real together. No sugarcoating, no judgment! We might cry a little, and we’ll most definitely laugh together. I’ll walk shoulder to shoulder with you through the process. I am an all-in type of therapist. 


The way EMDR therapy has helped my clients transform their lives is something I’m in awe of and grateful for witnessing every day. After 10 years of full-time practice, my passion for this work still lights me up and I continue to be humbled and amazed by my clients’ courage and growth.


One client has said: Annie has been such an angel in my life's journey. I met Annie in a very broken state due to some traumatic events. Through her amazing EMDR, I have come out on the other side of it with safety and a strong love for myself.

Who do I work with best?


I delight in working with people who are deep feeling, caring, compassionate, and bright souls. The ones who want to create something good in this world. Life may have been tough on you and let you down many times, but you refuse to give up, you keep moving forward, because deep down you know you are meant for more…

I want to help you live a life that you love and feels authentic to you! If you have a vision for yourself or the world, if you have ideas, dreams, or passions, a desire for a better future… I want to hear about it! Even if those dreams seem out of reach right now, together we can work to make them a reality.

Together, we will clear the path for your journey forward! Are you ready?



  • California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (89621)

  • Washington Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LF61273121)



  • Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology ~ National University, Carlsbad, CA

  • Bachelor of Science in Sociology (Magna Cum Laude) ~ Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI

Specialized Training and Ongoing Learning

  • Please click here to expand my list of additional credentials and certifications.

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