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I already have a primary therapist - how can an EMDR intensive help me?

Having an established, supportive relationship with a primary therapist can be an incredible resource and often life-changing.  Building an ongoing therapeutic relationship can help you work through many of life’s stressors and challenges you may face, while allowing your therapist to really get to know and understand you in a way that longer-term relationships provide. 

However, there are times that you may feel “stuck” in therapy. You may have a specific issue, especially one that may be traumatic, that you need help working through with a trauma specialist. Maybe something has come up during your current therapy that you need additional help addressing, or you may be facing a recent loss, grief, or experienced a recent traumatic event.

I can support you by providing brief EMDR intensive therapy as a supplement or “adjunct” to your regular talk therapy to accelerate the healing process of trauma or other pain points that have not resolved with other forms of therapy. I can partner with your primary therapist in providing a specialized therapeutic approach to help you move through those acute pain points or where you feel “stuck”.

The goal of EMDR therapy is to help people identify and process painful memories, experiences, and early learning that are impacting their life, relationships, and perspectives in a negative way. EMDR therapy offers accelerated processing and relief. It’s a targeted treatment approach that provides a framework to identify what is at the root of your pain and challenging patterns. During the session, we target distressing experiences, beliefs, emotions, and sensations and move to resolution and new learning that aligns with where you are now and your vision for the future.

Once these painful experiences and memories have been healed during an EMDR therapy intensive, your ongoing therapy with your primary therapist should progress with more ease. You may find you are able to dive further into issues and topics that you may not have previously been able to, providing new energy for your goals, both in therapy and in life.

At the wrap-up of our intensive process, with your permission, we will share insights and the highlights of what we worked on together with your primary therapist. We will keep them informed on how to support your ongoing integration of the learning and progress from your EMDR intensive therapy into your ongoing therapeutic journey.

Is this something that feels like it may be a good fit for where you are today?

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