Customized Virtual EMDR
Therapy Intensives

EMDR therapy with Annie Robershaw, LMFT in California or Washington

EMDR therapy can help you heal from traumatic events or painful experiences in your life rapidly and more effectively than traditional talk therapy. Our EMDR therapy intensives have helped people see that relief is possible. Without years of sitting in a therapy chair. 

You don’t have to wait for relief. You can move the needle forward right now! Take the first step to feeling better and reach out for a free consultation.

Our Virtual EMDR Therapy Intensives

To boost therapy outcomes, we have specialized all our treatments to be virtual EMDR intensives.


What’s an Intensive? 

EMDR intensives are longer sessions that happen over a shorter timespan (2-5 hours versus 45-60 minutes in traditional therapy). Complete treatment can last from just a few days to a few weeks. They’re like “short bursts of intensive healing” because they are more focused than traditional talk therapy and can produce rapid resolution of trauma over just a few sessions. 

What’s included in an EMDR Intensive?

  • Extensive 90-minute intake interview: To help us both understand your goals and desired therapy outcomes. We’ll get to know each other and make sure you feel comfortable. We will design our time together for the best outcomes based on your preferences, goals, and needs. 

  • A personalized intensive therapy workbook: To share your goals, thoughts, needs, and wishes for EMDR therapy and our time together. To deepen your understanding of the process, and help prepare you for the intensive. The workbook will also support you before, during, and after your sessions.

  • Customized treatment plan: To identify your pain points, triggers, limiting beliefs, body sensations, and treatment goals.

  • Break times: To give you opportunity for reflection and integration of therapy techniques.

  • A 90-minute post-treatment interview: To check in on your progress and overall wellness. To support your shifts in treatment and to identify any needs for follow-up sessions, if desired (the 8-Week and Half-Day intensives do not have a post-treatment interview since these models have a broader scope.)

  • Follow-up care: To give you options for new or ongoing treatment, if needed.

  • Secure HIPAA-compliant online portal: To ensure trust, confidentiality, and privacy, all our meetings will be held through a secure and reliable online video portal. You will be provided a private video link with instructions before each session.


emdr intensive models

Below are the EMDR intensive models we offer.

Recent Trauma EMDR Therapy Intensive
(4 x 2-hour sessions + intake and follow-up session)

This intensive is for you if you’ve recently been through a traumatic event (approximately within the last ~3 months) or have been experiencing intense ongoing emotional trauma, grief, or pain.

We’ll meet for four sessions, each lasting 2 hours (plus a 90-minute intake session and a 90-minute follow-up session). We’ll typically schedule your sessions over 1-2 weeks to get you the fastest relief.

One-time investment: $3,300

Therapist: Annie Robershaw, LMFT or Jenessa Goodman, LMFT

3-Day EMDR Therapy Intensive
(3 x 5-hour sessions + intake and follow-up session)

This EMDR intensive is for you f you’re looking to resolve past, present, or ongoing trauma, pain, or loss.

This can also help you remove any “blocks” you may have from past pain or limiting beliefs, and help you work through stressful periods in your life. If you’re feeling “stuck” in your life (or work) and long to move forward with more clarity, greater lightness, and a more-aligned vision for your future path, this is the right intensive for you!

With this intensive, you receive dedicated, exclusive attention from me. We will meet for 3 days, each for 5 hours (with plenty of breaks) for maximum impact and support. We’ll typically schedule your sessions over 1 week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday (which means you will have my dedicated energy for the entire week!).

One-time investment: $5,760

Therapist: Annie Robershaw, LMFT

8-Week EMDR Therapy Intensive
(8 x 2-hour sessions + intake session)

This intensive helps you heal recent, past, or present trauma or pain. It involves a slightly more spread-out session model than our other intensives. 


The sessions are 2 hours, and you’ll meet weekly over 8 weeks. 


One-time investment: $4,200

Therapist: Jenessa Goodman, LMFT

Half-Day EMDR Therapy Intensive*
(3.5 hour session *for return clients only)

Return clients can schedule half-day intensives as needed. These work great for follow-up care after your first intensive, to address new areas of concern, or recent trauma that has occurred since our last meeting. We can also focus on your upcoming goals and desired progress in your life or work. 


Half-day sessions are 3.5 hours long (with breaks), and you can schedule them as needed (as a return client). 


One-time investment: $980

Therapist: Annie Robershaw, LMFT or Jenessa Goodman, LMFT 

Reminder: All of our sessions are held virtually via a secure, HIPAA-compliant online video platform.

Not sure which EMDR intensive is best for you?

Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss which intensive may be right for you.


EMDR therapy intensives might be a good fit for you if…


  • You are fed up with being stuck, distraught, or in pain and want to feel better – fast.

  • You find the weekly (often month/year-long) therapy model too painful, too slow, or not fitting for your schedule or lifestyle.

  • You’re busy and have a lot on your plate.

  • You want customized treatment that works for your schedule, budget, goals, and timeline.

  • You want personalized, committed attention from your therapist for your specific trauma or problem.

  • You’re ready for relief – now!

why virtual?

Because it’s awesome and more convenient for all of us.

Benefits of virtual sessions include:

  • You can be in the comfort of your own home (or chosen space) for 100% of the treatment.

  • Less scheduling issues.

  • Easier coordination around work and other commitments.

  • No commute, traffic, or parking hassle.

  • Be comfortable, wear what you want, have comfort items nearby (blankets, pillows, fans, etc.)

  • Have your favorite drinks and snacks on hand.

  • Don’t worry about doing your hair, makeup, dressing up, or waiting around in an office.

  • Relax about potential worries of others seeing or “judging” you – a huge benefit of virtual therapy is that you can feel safe, relaxed, and private in your space. This also helps in creating a trusting, comfortable environment with your therapist! 

  • If you have a pet – feel free to let it snooze by your side or cuddle up in your lap – animals are wonderful companions and can in fact positively affect our emotions! (We will surely have our fur babies by our side at times. 🐶) 

  • Feel more secure and private in your own space.

  • We all stay healthy and safe (yep, Covid-19 is still around).

Curious to see if EMDR can help you?

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