Intensive EMDR
Virtual EMDR therapy intensives

If you live out of the area or your regular schedule makes it difficult to engage in weekly sessions over an extended period of time, and you would like address treatment goals in a compressed period of time, intensive sessions over several days or a week, may be a good fit for you.


EMDR intensives can also be a good fit for someone who prefers to “get it done”, addressing traumatic memories in compressed period of time versus over several weeks or months. There are some advantages to this approach. First, we spend less time opening and closing sessions, as we must on a week to week basis, which allows us more time for processing and healing of trauma. We are able to concentrate more intently on your treatment needs and goals, without the week to week issues that inevitably arise in the course of more standard, weekly treatment approaches. Your investment is higher up front, but typically you save in having to dedicate fewer hours cumulatively to treatment.

If you have experienced a recent traumatic event or loss that is impacting your ability to sleep, focus, care for yourself or engage in your daily activities, attending treatment for multiple sessions in a week, or multiple, concurrent half-day or all day sessions can provide you the care you need, in a short period of time, to process the traumatic event and begin integrating back into your life.