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EMDRIA consultation for Certification in EMDR, Resources

For Clinicians &
EMDR Therapists

Uplevel your therapy practice with EMDR support & mentorship

Are you an ambitious, emerging EMDR clinician, who is seeking warm support, training, and mentorship for your EMDR therapy practice?

✔ Are you an EMDR therapist (established or emerging) in private practice?

✔ Do you want to broaden your EMDR therapy skills (possibly get Certified with EMDRIA)?

✔ Do you want warm support and mentorship for your professional development?

✔ Do you believe in collaboration, kindness, and lifting one another up?

✔ Are you intuitive and compassionate?

✔ Are you ambitious, motivated, and fired up to level up your practice with customized EMDR therapy sessions to help more people feel better and be healthier?

✔ Are you interested in resources to help propel your practice forward in harmony with you and your life?

✔ Do you want to be part of a community that supports one another, shares knowledge and resources, and lifts each other up?



Annie Robershaw, LMFT Certified EMDR Therapist and Approved Consultant with EMDRIA

I’m Annie Robershaw – I’ve been practicing EMDR therapy full-time since 2013. I am a Certified EMDR Therapist and an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. I am an enthusiastic geek for this approach and for small business development!


Consultation has been a significant support to me in my journey as a therapist and I love championing others and paying it forward by supporting and mentoring my emerging colleagues now!


I’m on a mission to help more therapists complete and enhance their EMDR training and skills and practice.

I strongly believe that EMDR is a gentler and safer way to help people heal from trauma and pain. The more therapists can competently perform EMDR, the more people we can help, and the healthier our world will become!


Plus… your own health and wellbeing matters!

I want to see you have a life you love that is sustainable for you. I want you to finish your work, ready and with energy to enjoy your life! It’s so easy to let the service of others consume our thoughts and find we’ve lost ourselves in the process. I want to help you cultivate a practice that feels authentic and rewarding to you.

Should I take insurance as a therapist?

In the video linked below, I join other therapists in a discussion about our relationships with insurance and how our decisions led them to the successful place we are now in our practices. This is just one example of an area of support and discussion I can provide during consultation.


EMDR Therapist Support group

get more SuppoRt and access to resources
as aN EMDR clinician In Private Practice:

Are you an EMDR therapist in private practice feeling lonely and a little lost, wishing you had regular support?


Do you often have questions as a small business owner and find yourself searching the internet, feeling overwhelmed trying to find the answer?


Have you joined an online therapist group hoping to get support, only to find an atmosphere that doesn’t feel safe to ask vulnerable questions?

Are your thoughts about your work spilling into your personal time, leaving you feeling burnt around the edges?


You don’t have to go at this alone!  


Beginning in January 2024, I’m offering a small group experience where you can connect with fellow clinicians and receive support from me, an EMDR consultant and small business owner who wants to help you thrive! 


You will receive support, mentorship, resources, and a safe space to ask all your burning questions. 


The EMDR Therapist Support Group will be a space where you can come as your whole self, not just as a therapist. 

The January 2024 is full, but a new group will be opening soon!

Sign up the waitlist and I will be in touch with opportunities to join the next group. 

See you there!

Let’s make this world healthier and happier together,
shall we!?

Things I can help you with:

  • Provide warm support and guidance as you navigate the start or expansion of your EMDR private practice.

  • Provide the 20 hours of consultation you need for your EMDRIA certification.

  • Get you information and tips on how to complete your EMDRIA certification.

  • Answer your questions on how to showcase your EMDR practice in a way that feels authentic and exciting to you, and that attracts the clients you are excited to support.

  • Answer questions about EMDR therapy, AIP, case conceptualization, advanced protocols, BLS, and other EMDR therapy questions.

  • Share relevant resources about EMDR with you.

  • Help you answer your client questions about EMDR therapy.

  • Support you in specific client cases you’re working on.

To get personalized support and mentorship, CONTACT me now.

Are you seeking consultation hours for:

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