Recent traumatic event

recent traumatic event

Everyone experiences loss, difficult transitions, and trauma in this life. Many times you can sort through these events, with your own resources and support from your community. Other times, you may find yourself feeling stuck, with feelings of overwhelm, irritation, anxiety, or hopelessness. You may be coping with the pain in ways that feel unhealthy or that are causing you additional struggles in life. 


Thoughts and memories of an experience may be too much to handle and you would rather avoid them. Your sleep may be disturbed or disrupted with nightmares, it may be difficult to focus or concentrate. Or, you may be having physical symptoms of pain or distress, such as headaches, fatigue, neck tension, nausea, or chest pains.

If you are in pain, finding it difficult to manage, or you are unable to enjoy your life and relationships, our approach to therapy may be the right fit for you. Whether you just lived through a difficult loss or event, or you have memories that continue to cause you pain, our integrated approach to therapy can help you process and resolve distressing experiences, so you can move forward with an integrated, wholehearted life.

Our team of therapists have specialized training in EMDR therapy to aid clients who have experienced a recent traumatic event or are experiencing acute or overwhelming distress. We can help provide relief from pain.