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meet jenessa

Hello! So, this section is where a warm but dry description of my credentials would normally go (and indeed, they are listed down at the bottom of the page), but what I’m really here to talk about is who I am as a person, as a therapist, and what our relationship might look like if we decide to work together. 

People have described me as a force of nature. I can be intense, strong, passionate, funny, inspired, tender, intuitive, and visionary. I have an effusive creative spirit. I grew up in a family that’s half woo-woo and half hyper-academic. That puts me in the unusual category of being enthusiastic about energy work, shamanism, synchronicity, and archetypal astrology, AND in possession of very solid clinical skills, extensive academic knowledge and sharp insight. Call it “Refined Woo,” perhaps. I deeply love the complexity of human experience, and how it is revealed in dance, nature, art, design, travel and stories.  

I want to work with you if you are on the precipice of change. Or in the throes of shedding the skin of your former self. Or eyeball-deep in crisis. I want to work with you if, somewhere in there, you suspect that these times are the ones that hone our edges, define who we are and are not, and allow us to emerge from the ashes more empowered, brighter, stronger, and more fully in ownership of our truth. 

Jenessa Goodman, LMFT EMDR and Somatic Therapist


What’s it like working with me?

I’m not just going to nod and listen. Therapy is a deeply collaborative process, and we’re in this together: I will roll up my sleeves and get right in there with you. We might cry, drop a few f-bombs, and will most certainly laugh.


​One client has said: “Working with Jenessa has been a game changer in my life to see the very least. I have experienced EMDR in the past with other therapists, yet I have not found anyone who has been able to crack the code like Jenessa. I do believe in divine timing, yet, I wish to  have found Therapy in session earlier in my life. Anyone and everyone who has experienced trauma deserves to heal. We all deserve to heal right now. It can be scary and there may be many reasons to postpone this type of therapy. All I can say …the other side is more freeing than I could have imagined.”


Who do I work with best?

I love working with clients who are motivated, creative, committed, sensitive and smart. And when I say creative, I don’t just mean artists - I’m talking about entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionary businesspeople. 

Do you feel like a misunderstood weirdo, even though you might look normal? I’ve got your back. Feel cramped by societal expectations and want to find the courage and freedom to just be yourself? Step into my (virtual) office. I love working with clients who want to connect with the deep and mystical aspects of life, and at the same time master the practicalities of adulting. I’m happy to commiserate about Mercury retrograde, but I also really want to help you get your sh*t together. If you have a vision for your future, I’ll support you as you grow into that. If you don’t have a vision, I’ll help you craft one. 


My clients have been known to dance, sit in meditative silence, bawl their eyes out, draw pictures, leave toxic relationships, find meaningful ones, calm their agitated nervous systems, and get released from the grip of crappy past traumas.


Any of that sound appealing? We might be a fit.

Together, we will clear the path for your journey forward! Are you ready?


  • California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (130558)

  • Washington Marriage and Family Therapist Associate License (MG61050706)

  • Nevada Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (4421-R)

  • Third year Doctor of Philosophy student in Depth Psychology & Integrative Healing Practices - Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

  • Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology & Depth Psychology - Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

  • The School of The Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago, IL

  • In process of becoming EMDR Certified Therapist with EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)

  • Somatic Experiencing training, first year - 2020

  • Certificate in Dream Tending, with Dr. Stephen Aizenstat - 2019

  • EMDR Basic Training - EMDR Institute - January 2018

specialized training AND ONGOING LEARNING
  • Please click here to expand my list of additional credentials and certifications.

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