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We’re a small, fully-virtual private therapy practice providing EMDR therapy for emotional trauma and pain resolution. We have advanced training and backgrounds in EMDR and trauma therapy. We offer virtual EMDR therapy intensives to people in California, Nevada, and Washington State.


Our owner, Annie Robershaw is also an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant, helping emerging EMDR clinicians expand their EMDR knowledge and cultivate their ideal practice. 


We are committed to helping more people gain access to the revolutionary treatment and relief that EMDR can provide.


meet our team

Annie Robershaw, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

Owner & Clinical Supervisor

Certified EMDR Therapist

Approved Consultant with EMDRIA

Jenessa Goodman, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

EMDR-Trained Therapist (Levels I, II)

Jenessa Goodman, LMFT
Annie Robershaw, LMFT Certified EMDR Therapist and Approved Consultant with EMDRIA

Our Approach and Values

Our approach to therapy is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to be healthy, cared for, and feel good about who they are at their core. We believe that when you are happy, healthy, and whole, you can thrive and succeed, and our collective community along with you. There is a saying that “trauma begets trauma”. And, in our experience this is an unfortunate truth. The good news is, healing begets healing. When you engage in your own healing it impacts everyone around you. We have had the honor to witness countless courageous clients do the brave work of trauma healing, leading to health and healing of their families and communities. 


As therapists, we (Jenessa and Annie) are both highly sensitive persons (HSPs) and deeply empathetic. We care greatly for our clients and are passionate about our work and professional skills. We listen, we care, we advocate. We’re intuitive healers, backed with extensive education, training, and ongoing learning to give structure and safety to our support. 

We’re also real! We will tell it like it is, because we’re big believers in authenticity, and we know you have spidey skills to sniff out bullshit. But we’ll always be sincere and kind. We are here to help you see (and experience) life in a wholehearted way that is in service of your highest and best needs.

Below are some of the values and things we believe in and practice in our business as well as our lives:


Be kind to yourself and to others.



Whenever possible, lead with curiosity first and notice what follows. If you get lost, get curious, again. 

Acceptance and respect.

We all have unique gifts we bring to this world. Celebrate them, highlight them. Be accepting and respectful of yourself, your journey and that of others. 

Compassion, empathy, and inclusivity.

You never know what someone else is going through, so be kind, gentle, and open (with healthy boundaries).

Empowering women.

We need more empowered, healthy, liberated, inspired women in our world. We want to see women leading in all aspects of life. Let’s help each other make our visions and dreams a reality.

Social justice and equality.

We all deserve the same rights, freedom, and opportunities to be healthy, safe, and live our best lives. We recognize the profound inequity that many face in our society, and the historical inequities and trauma many carry with them today. We take action and seek continuing education, support, and growth to deconstruct oppression in our communities, work, and within ourselves.  

Community and connection.

Humans are social animals. We need each other and thrive within healthy bonds. Cultivating strong, supportive connections and communities is vital. 


Strive for a state of wholeness, in alignment with your morals, values, and needs. Doing the right thing even when it’s not easy or no one is looking. 

Self-love and healing.

Put your own oxygen mask on first. Everyone deserves to heal! Healing begets healing.

Focus and courage.

Focus on what matters, have courage to try something new, and never ever stop learning!

Digital minimalism.

Less screen time, more living, and togetherness. Connecting more on a human level! (That means, no; you don’t need social media. We’re happy to show you how you can live a happy and free life without it!)

Environment, nature, and being mindful of it.

GET OUTSIDE! So much of what ails us can be cured by connecting with nature, the outdoors, and the natural rhythm of seasons. As you reconnect with nature, remember we’re all dependent on and responsible for the environment (our home). Take steps toward sustainability and just notice how you feel.

We want to acknowledge that we practice on the traditional territory of the Lummi, Semiahmoo and Nooksack tribes.

What fires us up?

Note on who we work with:

Our practice is committed to connecting anyone in need to therapy services. If for any reason our services are not the right fit for you, we will work to provide you referrals that may be a better fit. We serve individuals (adults 18+), seniors, expats, immigrants, refugees, people of all identities, races and minority groups, and individuals from the LGBTQ+ community.

We light up from being able to help people who have big dreams and even bigger hearts. We have a BIG, BIG LOVE for people who want to create positive change in the world. We want to do what we can to help enhance the community and world around us.


What about you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What gets you down? What’s your story? We want to get to know YOU and what drives you. What are your dreams, desires, and blocks that keep you from achieving them? Greatest fears and greatest dreams? Tell us!

WHAT people have shared about working with us

"Anne is the one of the most intuitive, thoughtful people I have known. She is an empathetic listener and is gifted with the ability to provide clarity without judgement or shame. She is witty, extremely intelligent, and is amazing at shedding light on truth and paths to move towards happiness and emotional freedom. I would recommend Anne with highest regard."

- M.S.

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