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Psychological First Aid With EMDR Therapy: CoVid-19 Response

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

These are really hard and stressful times. Are you experiencing physical or emotional overwhelm, distress, sleep disturbances, thoughts on replay, panic, anxiety or depression? As we all cope with the COVID-19 coronavirus and the way it is affecting our lives, it can be difficult to escape the feelings that go along with it. These may include acute stress due to loss of work, strain on relationships, or facing fears of illness and death. 

Did you know that there are advanced protocols in EMDR therapy for early intervention following a traumatic event? Coronavirus, and the resulting economic, educational, and emotional consequences very much count as a traumatic event. These therapeutic protocols are used to aid you following disturbing events, repetitive traumatic exposures or acute stressors, and they can be offered remotely. Early-intervention EMDR therapy can prevent you from developing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and support you in processing what has happened, so you can recover and return to your life feeling psychologically well enough to move forward. 

In response to our current state of emergency, I am offering these “psychological first aid” EMDR mini-sessions through our secure, video-conferencing platform. Sessions can be as brief as 45 minutes, and are made to quickly support people in processing acute stress and trauma. They are not designed to replace long-term therapy or a comprehensive EMDR treatment plan, but they can help you get back on your feet and prevent the long-term effects of acute stress, such as panic attacks, hypervigilance, exhaustion, health vulnerabilities, and PTSD. After your session, I will call you the next day to determine with you whether follow up care is needed.

During this time of crisis, many people are overwhelmed and emotionally drained, facing uncertainty and rapid change. I know that sheltering in place can put particular stress on relationships, especially for those with kids out of school. Some people are facing a sense of isolation, loneliness and even feelings of abandonment. Pre-existing mental health conditions can easily become exacerbated under the current circumstances. The ways in which our own traumas and struggles can intersect with the coronavirus crisis are unique and unpredictable. As you navigate this crisis, I am here to support you.

Of particular concern to us are those on the front lines, responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19), such as healthcare workers, scientists, first responders, public health workers, and government officials. Because the advanced EMDR protocols we use can be especially helpful for overwhelmed employees in these industries, I would like to spread the word throughout California and Washington that I am here and ready to serve those who are working so hard to protect and serve our communities.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this service, either now or in the weeks to come, please know it is available.  Due to licensing requirements, clients must be residents of the state of California or Washington. I want to serve our community and continue to provide the highest standard of care as we navigate these challenging times. You can schedule a 20 minute consultation here.  

In Solidarity, 



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