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Honoring Dr. Francine Shapiro and 30 years of EMDR Therapy-EMDRIA Conference 2019

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Over the past weekend, the annual EMDRIA Conference was held in Anaheim, CA. EMDRIA is the International Association of EMDR therapists, and international this conference certainly was. Organizers reported there were a record number of therapists attending this year, between 1500-1600, from 19 different countries. My nerd part of self was overwhelmed with excitement and glee to be attending, as well as learning from some of the leaders in our field. I had quite a bit of "fan-girl" going on as I passed some of my heroes in the halls and attended their presentations.

This particular conference was significant for a few reasons. It was the first conference since the passing of Dr. Francine Shapiro, the founder, creator and courageous pioneer of EMDR therapy. There were specific and embedded memorials to her throughout the conference that inspired and gave each of us time to pause and reflect on the incredible and positive impact just one determined person can have on this world. Dr. Shapiro's work has profoundly changed and saved so many lives, and will continue to so, including my own. Her determination and fortitude inspires me all the time.

While we were celebrating Dr. Shapiro's life and work, we were also celebrating EMDR Therapy's 30th anniversary. The presentations were exciting and innovative, and many of them setting the stage for pathways forward, taking into account the increasing challenges our communities face, throughout the world. I am beyond proud to be a part of the EMDR community and a provider of this evidence-based practice that continues to reveal to us its power and promise to heal and support.

EMDRIA also presented a new video for us to share that introduces and explains EMDR Therapy to those who are new or just learning about this theoretical approach to therapy. It is well done, and I feel a great addition to our educational materials. I have attached it here for your use and to share widely.

I am grateful to all those who attended and presented the EMDRIA conference this year, and most especially to the EMDRIA team that put it all together. Until next year, "go with that"!


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