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Teletherapy Availability In Response to Coronavirus(COVID-19)

Between the stock market’s wild swings and growing concerns over the COVID-19 coronavirus, there’s a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in the air. In response to the unfolding of this situation, we are prepared to support you and maintain continuity of care.

Teletherapy, which refers to videoconferencing or telephone therapy sessions, is a great way to keep receiving therapy while we all adapt to restrictions and public health measures that may arise due to coronavirus, or any other public health crisis or emergency.

We already use a secure, HIPPA compliant, video-chat platform with clients who are traveling, ill, or otherwise unable to come into our office.

In order to effectively provide care during this time, we are able to quickly switch to video or phone sessions as needed. Our encrypted video conferencing platform is accessible via desktop web browser or via an app on both iPhone and Android phones. We are sending out telehealth releases to all clients to complete in the event that it becomes necessary to temporarily shift to this mode of therapy.

If you do not feel comfortable coming to our office, you are welcome to request a telehealth session. If at any point we transition to working from home, due to a public health emergency or our own possible exposure to a virus, we will only be available for sessions via telehealth. If you are feeling ill, or if someone in your household may be ill, please do not come to our office so as to avoid the potential spread of infection. We can quickly shift to meeting via video chat instead.

At this time, the Center for Disease Control has advised everyday preventative measures to stop the spread of the virus. These include:

-washing hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds, using 60%

alcohol-based hand sanitizer if hand washing is not available.

-avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth

-stay home when sick

-cover cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw tissue in trash

-clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular

household cleaning spray or wipe.

In our practice, we are taking these precautions, and request that you do the same.

Of course, we encourage you to use your therapy to explore any fears and/or anxieties you may be experiencing, or to discuss this agreement. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

In Solidarity,

Annie and Jenessa

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