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How To Prepare For Your EMDR Teletherapy Session

Updated: May 8, 2023


Tele-therapy can take a little getting used to, but I hope you quickly find yourself enjoying the comfort and convenience of this mode of care as much as I do.

Here are some tips and steps to take to set yourself up for your upcoming EMDR Teletherapy session:

  • Set up a private space where you can talk freely, without interruption or anyone hearing you, and with as few of distractions as possible

  • Make sure you have good light on your face and avoid back lighting. If you will be in a space that is poorly lit, you might consider purchasing a ring light for our sessions.

  • Please wear headphones to provide a better quality sound experience and increased privacy

  • Make sure you have a solid internet connection (glitches in connection are especially frustrating when trying to connect for therapy). You can run an internet speed check prior to session to locate the best part of your home for a session. If you have the ability to connect directly to the internet with an ethernet cord, I recommend it.

  • If you are going to use your laptop or desktop, you simply need to follow the link in the email you will receive you the day of your session. If you are going to use your tablet/iPad or smartphone, you will need to download the Simple Practice Tele-therapy app, prior to your session, and then follow the link in the email

  • Close all the pages and other applications you have open on your device (I know, I know, but bookmarking is your friend!). Keeping all those pages open on your browser can really slow connectivity for video meetings.

  • Clear your cache. If you don't know what this means, you are in good company. Here's a helpful article my client portal provider did on the subject.

  • Check to see if your device has any system updates, and take care of installing those a day or two prior to session (please don't try this right before session, as updates can take an hour or more sometimes).

  • If you plan to use your phone or tablet/iPad, please be sure to have a way to set it up so you can be hands free of your device during your session (There are relatively inexpensive tablet/smartphone stands you can order online)

  • Grab a box a tissues and keep it nearby

  • Have your therapy journal or a pad of paper and a pen on hand

  • If you express yourself in color or artistically, having a sketch pad and colored pencils with you(or any other medium you prefer) is a great resource

  • Remember to put all of your devices on "Do Not Disturb" and silence them prior to the start of our session

  • Be sure to have the device you are using fully charged, prior to our session, and have a power source nearby, if needed (video utilizes power rapidly)

  • Grab a sweater, socks, beanie, and blanket to have nearby, just in case your body temperature drops during session

  • Have a lined, small trash can on hand

  • Be sure to have some water or tea close by

  • If you have not had anything to eat in the last 3-4 hours, please have a healthy snack before we begin

  • Avoid use of marijuana or any other unprescribed substances at least a day before session

  • Prioritize rest the night before and the day of your session. Here's some tips.

  • Give yourself plenty of time before session to ground and prepare. Rushing into session or working right up until session starts is activating and it can require us to take up valuable session time to help you ground and land before we can get started

  • Right before session, take a few minutes to do a mindfulness exercise like the Four Elements, take some deep breaths, and make a few notes about how you are feeling

  • Lastly, get comfortable! One of the best parts of tele-therapy, is you can set up your therapy time in a way that feels just right for you. Cuddle with your beloved pet, have your favorite candle burning, cozy clothes, soothing music in the background, your favorite tea, whatever works for you

It is my privilege to serve you and I am deeply honored to do so. See you soon!

In solidarity,



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