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Insurance and EMDR therapists in Private Practice: A Panel Discussion with Kambria Evans, LMFT

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

If you are a clinician in private practice, my guess is you have some thoughts and feelings about insurance panels, whether you participate with them or not. There are so many challenges faced by the public in accessing quality mental health care, and for therapists in cultivating practices that are viable and sustainable.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, for-profit health insurance companies experienced a windfall of profits. During this time, many people in our country were suffering intense uncertainty including loss of loved ones, health crises, pain, fear, separation from community, unemployment, under-employment, housing insecurity, business loss, food shortages, and more. While a few people benefited from those health insurance company profits, the vast majority of us were paying the premium and struggling to access adequate care, including mental health. Quite frankly, I cannot understand why we tolerate for-profit insurance in this country. It is a system of injustice and inefficiency that perpetuates suffering, even with hard-working providers serving wholeheartedly.

I recently had the pleasure to participate in a frank and honest group discussion with my esteemed colleagues about our journey and experiences with health insurance from the perspective of EMDR therapists in private practice. This discussion was facilitated and produced by my brilliant colleague and mentor, Kambria Evans, LMFT, EMDR Consultant and Trainer, who hosts the Zero Disturbance Podcast and offers consultation and trainings to clinicians who are ready to innovate and design practices they deserve.

If you are a clinician in private practice grappling with sustainability in your life and business, I recommend this podcast to you. You will hear 6 experienced clinicians share about their journey and perspectives, and where they are at today in relation to insurance panels.

The Zero Disturbance Podcast is streaming on all podcasting apps and this episode is number


If you are ready to make a shift with your practice or are in need of clinical support, I am happy to provide consultation and a safe space to discuss your questions, concerns and ideas.

In Solidarity,


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