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Summer Solstice Guided Meditation 2022 with Jenessa Goodman, LMFT

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Summer Solstice welcomes the season of bounty and abundance, the season of light! We have experienced so many seasons of late cast in dark shadows to such an extent that it often has felt like perpetual winter. While many of those shadows are are still among us or awaiting a full reckoning, let us find our way to circle together and dance in the light and warmth of this season. Let us warm ourselves while we tend to our literal and metaphorical gardens and invite all aspects of our souls and the souls of our communities to bathe in the cleansing of the Midsummer Sun. May we find our way, together.

I'm thrilled to share with you another magical guided meditiation by Jenessa to help you welcome in the season! Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is officially on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, but you need not wait to sit in quiet reflection with this meditation as your inspiration to start focusing on what you want to invite in to your/our garden.

Happy Summer Everyone!

Transcript of the mediation:

Hello and welcome to this guided meditation for the summer solstice.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is the closest to the earth that it will get as the earth makes its yearly orbit.

I invite you to find a comfortable space where your body feels supported, and allow yourself to

shift and settle yourself in whatever ways feel good for your body today. As you deepen your

breathing, connect to the simplicity of your breath’s rhythm. Inhale and exhale, inhale and

exhale. Our world is both simple and complicated. Inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale. Today

is a good day to pay attention to the simple things, to give them our attention with a loving


Allow your breathing to become soft and easy. Imagine that you are opening a worn, wooden

gate and stepping onto a path before you. The path leads through lightly forested land. A mix of

deciduous and evergreen trees surround you, and beautiful sunlight filters down through their

branches. The path is soft underfoot, and a breeze brings the sounds of birdsong and rustling

leaves. As you easily tread this path, consider what things in your life you are ready to release,

to compost, to allow to fertilize the roots of your being. Listen quietly to your heart space for a

moment, and perhaps there is a word or a phrase that represents this. Ahead of you is a small

clearing, in which a huge ancient tree stands. Whisper what you’d like to release to this old

tree, and imagine it sinking into the rich, dark soil at its roots.

The path continues on, slowly gaining in elevation. Light and shadow play over the landscape,

and the upper branches of the trees gently sway in the breeze. The path is well worn, and easy

to tread. As the sunshine warms you skin as you walk, consider what areas of your life could

benefit from your attention, tending and care. What aspects of your existence could use a

loving gaze to help them bloom? It could be your relationships with loved ones, it could be a

creative project, it could your own body, or anything else that comes to mind. As you

contemplate this, notice that the path opens up to a field, a field full of tall sunflowers just

about to bloom. Observe their strong stalks, rough green leaves, and brilliant golden petals.

Imagine gazing upon these sunflowers lovingly, warmly, and kindly. As your gaze touches the

sunflowers, notice their radiant golden buds open and blossom, stretching up to the warmth of

the sun, following it as it moves across the heavens.

As you continue on your path, winding through the trees, listening to the birdsong and the

breeze, consider what desires are alive within you right now. What would you like to see come

to fruition in your life? What longing is expressing itself in your heart? Can you imagine your

desire fully manifested in the future, beckoning to you now? What are you yearning for?

Perhaps there is a word or phrase that expresses this, or perhaps it is just a feeling. As you

contemplate this desire, notice that the path has taken you to a grove of fruit trees. See their

branches hanging heavy with ripe, luscious fruit. Reach out and pluck a fruit from the nearest

tree. See the warm colors of its skin, feel its tender ripeness in your hand. When you feel ready,

take a bite of this fruit. Taste the sweetness of its juice, and let it dissolve in your mouth.

Imagine what it will be like when your desires have come to fruition, when they have grown

under the care of your tending and reach their fullness. Enjoy the grove of fruit trees for a

moment, then continue along the path.

As you walk, notice that the path is leading you upward. The trees are becoming more sparse

and you catch glimpses of other hills and mountains in the distance. The sky above is blue and

expansive, radiant with golden light. As you gradually reach the top of the mountain, consider

what seeds for the future you would like to sow. What intentions, ideas, inspirations, kind

words or actions would you like to share? Perhaps these are connected with community,

humanity, or the earth itself. What new stories would you like to create? As you contemplate

this, perhaps a word or phrase comes to mind. As you reach the top of this mountain, see the

land stretch out far into the distance. Notice the silver of a river winding its way through the

forest, and the tops of trees as they stretch into the distance. Imagine that you can whisper

your intentions and wishes for the future to the breeze, and that it will carry them far and wide.

On top of this mountain is a very large smooth, sunbaked rock. Lean back against it, and feel its

warmth against your back. Feel how solid and supportive it is. Notice the cool breeze passing

over your body. Slowly start to deepen your breathing, bringing your awareness back to the

simple rhythm of your breath. Inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale. Take your time here,

slowly, slowly making your way back to your present surroundings. When you feel ready, gently

open your eyes and look around your space. Perhaps you’d like to have a big stretch, spend

some time journaling, or go take a walk in nature. Whatever feels good to you, please enjoy it,

go in kindness, and spread your radiance like the sun.

What new stories to create? What grows when you direct your loving gaze towards it? What seeds have come to fruition in your life now? what would you like to bring forth as your harvest next? What are you ready torelease, to compost, to let go of, allow to fertilize the roots of our being? What new stories to create, what grief to let sink into the earth? What is ready to emerge from the shadows of our consciousness into the warm light of our regard? what disowned parts of self are ready to come home? How can we welcome ourselves back? What desires are expressing themselves in your heart? Can you imagine them fully manifested in the future, beckoning to you now? Steps on a pathway, cool smooth stones underfoot, filtered sunlight coming down from up above.

Stopping place on the path near a stream. Whisper your desires for your future to the stream.

Stopping place on the path in a patch of sunlight. Whisper your desires for your future to the

sun. Stopping place on the path in a grove of fruit trees. Whisper your desires for your future to

the ripening fruit. Stopping place on the path in a field of sunflowers. Whisper your desires for

your future to the blooming golden flowers. Stopping place on the path atop a high mountain.

Whisper your desires for your future to the breeze, let it carry them far and wide. Call to your

desires, imagine them fully manifested, gaze on them with love. Send them out on the breeze

singing. See the silver river below, see the field of sunflowers. See the grove of fruit trees.

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