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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We LOVE Tele-therapy!

Have you heard of post-traumatic growth? It’s a process we have the honor to witness daily with our amazing clients as they journey through their healing process. Post traumatic growth is an experience we all have at times throughout our life: it’s the silver linings, evolution and positive growth that can occur out of adversity. For our practice, adapting to COVID-19 safety measures by moving to tele-therapy has been one of those post-traumatic growth experiences. It started out of necessity but quickly became a source of excitement and inspiration for us! It had never occurred to us that tele-therapy would be such a viable option for our speciality in EMDR therapy, and now, after 4 months of diving in, our clients LOVE it, and so do we! Here’s why: 

  1. Accessibility: For a wide variety of reasons, including transport limitations, disability, distance, scheduling, etc., not everyone was able to come to our office. Now we have the flexibility to see clients who live ANYWHERE IN CALIFORNIA AND WASHINGTON! How great is that?! 

  2. Continuity of care: You can make that move to the Ojai, Seattle, San Francisco or wherever your therapist is licensed and maintain your therapeutic relationship. Yay! 

  3. Speaking of Ojai, number 3 is Small Communities: There are a million reasons why, if you live in a very small town, you might not want to do therapy with someone who you’re going to be bumping into at every yoga class, school field trip, and late night grocery run in your pajamas. 

  4. We are specialists: Our services and level of expertise in trauma care may not be available in your area. That’s no longer an issue! No matter where you are in California, if you have a secure internet connection, you can now have access to cutting edge, evidenced-based therapy.

  5. Commuting: Reducing your carbon footprint is good for the planet. Not driving 45 minutes each way through traffic to see your therapist is also good for your mental health. 

  6. Location, location, location: Did we mention we can now see clients who live ANYWHERE IN CALIFORNIA AND WASHINGTON? 😄

  7. Pajamas: You get to wear your pajamas to your therapy appointment. We still wear normal clothes (well, at least on top!) 

  8. Self-care: For you and for us! We also no longer have commutes and the flexibility of tele-health allows us to take better care of ourselves and our families as we all ride through this crazy pandemic together and stay healthy and safe.

  9. Pandemic-proof: Whatever happens with COVID-19, or any other crisis our communities may face, we still get to meet for therapy with minimal interruption. Yay! 

  10. Comfort: You get to do therapy from the comfort of your own home, office, backyard, or wherever is convenient and right for you. Pajamas optional... 

Rolling with change and growing by adapting.

In solidarity!


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